Simple Solutions Trading Company has acquired the trust from the customer as well as from the suppliers. Hence, SST has signed some agencies with some of the manufacturer as following:


 - DCL Inc. 


Dust control and loading systems Inc.

 a US manufacturer for environmentally sound, cost effective materials handling and loading products, and systems to the world’s dry bulk material handlers. The product range include loading spout, loading spout






UK manufacturer for Portable Testing Instruments such as Dynamic Hardness testers, Surface Roughness  testers, Ultra Sonic Thickness gauges, Coating Thickness gauges, Vibration meters, Temperature gauges




- Greenerd 



Greenerd Press & Machine Co. is a US leading supplier of hydraulic press solutions with product capability to 10,000 tons, bed sizes exceeding 240" (6100 mm), and styles ranging from gap frame and straight-side to die-spotting and forging presses.







Founded in 1906 in UK. Moore & Wright has been designing, manufacturing and supplying precision measuring equipment to global industry for over 100 years. With roots fixed firmly in Sheffield, England, the company began by manufacturing a range of calipers, screwdrivers, punches and other engineer’s tools.







Is a Canadian  engineering and metal fabrication company specializing in process and machine improvements, as well as in material handling and storage products. Their specialty is   workshop equipments and tanks